Dolla dolla billz

It drives us nuts when companies hide their pricing. Yes, we're happy to hop on a call (see form below), but to kick things off we're just going to lay it all out—and trust that you're already familiar with our team members and our expertise, and that you understand the value of the work we do. Sound good? Alright.

Start here: A small pilot project
We get to know most of our clients—and you'll get to know us—through a pilot project. We'll agree to 1–3 deliverables at a fixed fee in the $5–10K range. If we come out feeling aligned and excited to partner with each other, we'll then choose one of the two options below.

Option A: Subscribe for $5,000 per month.
This buys you 28 hours per month (that's $180/hr). You'll work with a dedicated team, including a project manager. About half our clients choose this path. It's your best bet for running one (or more) ongoing content programs. We'll bill you the full $5K every month no matter what. If for whatever reason you don't use your hours in a given month, no sweat, we'll roll them over for up to six months. Need more hours? Additional hours are pay-as-you-go at $180/hr. Need to cancel? We ask for a quarterly commitment, so just give us notice it's your final quarter.

Option B: Buy a brick of hours and use them at your own pace.
This makes sense if you have a large project you need completed in a short period of time, or if your needs are sporadic. The other half of our clients choose this path. Pricing is somewhat flexible. In short, the more hours you commit to, the lower the hourly rate. Contract terms play in, too (see below). Folks have committed to anywhere from 50 to 500+ hours.

Whew. That's it! Transparency FTW. Still with us? Get in touch any time. We're happy to answer questions, explore working together, or just plain talk shop.

PS: A few contract terms are worth noting.
1) Believe it or not, we include a code of conduct in our contracts. We're mentioning it here because it sometimes surprises legal teams. The code is designed to set clear expectations for a host of behaviors that sometimes get overlooked. Stuff like email responsiveness, weekend hours (or lack thereof), what happens if one of us makes a mistake, and even general politeness. For clarity, this is a good thing—we've only been thanked for including it.

2) Each option above assumes your up-front permission for us to use your company logo on our website and publish a case study (which you can review in advance). If this isn't in the cards, it's harder for us to grow our business so our price goes up 20%.

3) All invoices are due net-30. If this isn't in the cards, our price goes up 20% on the assumption that, if you can't manage net-30, your company is an enormous bureaucracy that will suck up untold hours of our time (and our lawyer's time) during the procurement process and if/when we renew. We know this (probably) isn't your fault, but, as a small business, BigCo procurement is costly, risky, and destabilizing. Increasing price is the most-honest way we know to solve for this.

Talk to us. We're here to help.

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